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with Catherine Sutton

Contact Terry at dadcock186@aol.com or call (804) 375-3007 if you are interested in participating in one of the upcoming dressage clinics with Catherine Sutton.

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Oakdale Farm, Powhatan, Virginia
Call: 1-804-375-3007 or Email: Dadcock186@aol.com

Clinics & Upcoming Events:

March 14-15, 2015 Oakdale Spring HT: Run by Penny & Brian Ross. Forms at their new site www.soareventing.com. You can do Combined Test, Horse Trial or Just Dressage . Fix-A-Test on Saturday in Dressage & Stadium and schooling xcountry. 
May 2, 2015 Joe Fargis Jumper Clinic: Olympian and Show Jumping Legend. Go to www.cvacta.org to get registration forms.
May 30, 2015 Oakdale Schooling Jumper Show
June 13-14 2015 Don Schramm Clinic: Go to www.cvacta.org to get registration forms. Filling Fast - Don't Wait!
June 20 2015 Oakdale Schooling Dressage Show
August 1, 2015 Oakdale Schooling Dressage Show
August 22, 2015 Oakdale Schooling Jumper Show
October 3-4, 2015 Oakdale Spring HT: Run by Penny & Brian Ross. Forms at their new site www.soareventing.com. You can do Combined Test, Horse Trial or Just Dressage . Fix-A-Test on Saturday in Dressage & Stadium and schooling xcountry. 

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Catherine Sutton
USDF Certified Instructor


or Follow Catherine on Facebook at

Catherine Sutton

High Point Farm

46 High Point Farm Lane

Afton, Virginia 22920

(434) 361-1427


Catherine Sutton is a USDF Certified Instructor and Bronze Medalist. Licensed in 2001 to instruct students from training to second level, she now has students working and showing from intro level to 3rd level. Catherine has tailored her instruction to the lower level rider and riders new to the sport of dressage. She emphasizes the classical basics when teaching so her students truly understand the dressage principles and can feel their horses correctly working forward and through.

Catherine is currently training and showing her home bred Swedish Warmblood mare Prima Gracie at 3rd/4th level and is working toward her USDF Silver Medal.

Some of Catherine's Students

Susan Ellis on Cowboy:

Cowboy is a walking horse, he is gaited.  Susan and Cowboy are showing Intro Level and have attained the exceptional score of 70%.

Ashley Durr on Razzel Dazzel:

Ashley rides an Arab mare named Razzel Dazzel. She has also achieved a 70% score at Training Level. She and Razzel won the Champion Arab Sport Horse at the 2013 Virginia Arabian Horse Association Show, which has qualified her to participate in the 2013 Regional Arab Horse Finals at the Lexington Horse Center this summer. 

Suzanne Gahan on Buckthorne:

Bucky is a Percheron Trakehner cross. Suzanne and Bucky are currently showing at First Level and doing very well.

Tish Bostic on Hooch:

Hooch is a Paint/Arab cross. Tish and Hooch are showing Training Level, and did very well at the 2013 Virginia Arabian Horse Association Show.


Testimonial from New Student at Catherine's Oakdale Farm Dressage Clinic:

I am so glad I came and participated in this clinic!  My horse is a whole different horse as I have ridden her Mon. Tues. and hopefully everyday this week as weather permits.

Testimonials from the Fix-A-Test Dressage Clinic at 2004 Crabbet Celebration:

The first time I rode the test, it was a semi-disaster.  I hadn’t warmed Misty up enough so she was spooking at the judge’s table, not paying attention to me, etc.  Catherine focused right in on my problems and addressed them in our lesson.  She gave me tips on regulating Misty’s speed, getting her to come into the bit better, and on improving our canter departures.  When I re-rode the test it was a night and day difference. Her advice worked. Anyway, I really enjoyed and benefited from the clinic.


I had a terrific lesson. Probably one of the best lessons for the money, considering I got 2 or 3 lessons combined for the price of one and a good price at that. I understood everything she was trying to relay to me in principle and was able to apply it with my riding then and have continued to use it since I got home. Some of it is coming easier now to both of us, takes practice. I would have loved to have ridden both days with her. That would have given more feedback with time to think about what was said the day before. I feel like she knew what she was talking about, explained it well, was able to obtain results from the horse and rider even if it was just for a few moments which happens when you are using new muscle groups and she was very encouraging which I need at the moment trying to get through 2nd level and wanting to do 3rd level so bad I can taste it ( putting in my time). I would be interested to know what suggestions she had for next time. I enjoyed Catherine tremendously. I think there were a lot of other people who would have benefited from her even though they did not ride dressage.

Testimonial from the August, 2005 Dressage Demo at Kenny Harlow's Cedar Run Ranch:

Catherine's clinic was very good. Very educational... even more so than watching her instruct. She had three different horses with different ways of going and types, and she showed us how to approach each horse's problems and level of training. She also explained how they were using their muscle groups and how certain exercises would help the development of the muscles and allow them to perform better. The only disappointing thing was that there were not very many attendees. Probably only about a dozen. But those of us who were there surely got our money's worth. (Which wasn't hard, since there was no charge).

Oakdale Farm Powhatan, Virginia
Owner/Manager: Terry Adcock
For more information call

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