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Busy Spring at Oakdale Equestrian Center - Top Level Eventer Dom Schramm  and Olympian Joe Fargis Show Jumper Clinics, Horse Trials and lots of Fun Lessons -  Come Join the Fun!!!!

Busy Spring at Oakdale Equestrian Center in Powhatan VA!!!!!

March 14th/15th Oakdale Spring HT: Run by Penny & Brian Ross. Forms at their new site www.soareventing.com. You can do Combined Test, Horse Trial or Just Dressage. Fix-A-Test on Saturday in Dressage & Stadium and schooling xcountry. 

May 2nd Joe Fargis Jumper Clinic: Olympian and Show Jumpi
ng Legend. Go to www.cvacta.org to get registration forms.

June 13/14 Don Schramm Clinic: Go to www.cvacta.org to get registration forms. Filling Fast - Don't Wait!

Mark Combs Lessons every Wed: Stadium, Flat or Xcountry - your Choice. Sign up by emailing Terry Adcock @


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Click here for August 22nd Jumper Show Results



Results August 1st Oakdale Dressage Schooling Show


Beginner Novice Test B1st – Erin Mothershead         Opie           32.75

Novice Test A      1st     Margo Hardy                          Solie           30.22

Novice Test B      1st     Annie Synder                         Corona       32.25

                             2nd    Erin Well                                 Potentate  35.2

Preliminary B      1st     Sarah Greenway                    Padis Celtic  32.39

                             2nd     Sarah Greenway                    Judgemental 34.57

USDF Intro A       1st     Rachel Edwards                     PSILoveYou  70.94

                             2nd     Connie Warner                      Lady Charlotte 70.63

                             3rd     Brandy Hickey                        Beautys Glory  67.50

                             4th      Laura Beadles                        March Winds   65.31

                             5th     Amber Sandridgle                  A Perfect Zip    64.06

USDF Intro B       1st     Connie Warner                      Lady Charlotte  68.75

                             2nd     Rachel Edwards                     PSILove You       67.81

                             3rd      Susan Bauer                          Cheyenne           66.25

                             4th      Brandy Hickey                       Beautys Glory    65.31

                             5th     Robert DeFazio                     Cole Pepper       64.69

                             6th       Amber Sandridge                 A Perfect Zip      63.15

USDF Intro C       1st     Susan Bauer                           Cheyenne           67.50

                             2nd      Amber Sandridge                 A Perfect Zip      65.25

USEF Training 1   1st    Lori Aylor                                Sierra Vista         67.39

                              2nd    Susan Bauer                           Cheyenne           64.78

                             3rd      Isabelle Rector                      Bel Salto             64.13

                             4th     Darla Toply                             Wickham           59.35

USEF Training 2  1st     Suzanne Gahan                      Rowena               69.23

                             2nd     Lori Aylro                                Sierra Vista         67.12

                             3rd     Stacy Stinchfield                    Evan                    65.77

                             4th     Isabelle Rector                       Belle Salto          64.42

                             5th     Emily Pembelton                   UnderMySpell    64.23

                             6th     Kate Lepree                            Tess                     60.58

USEF Training 3   1st    Kate Lepree                            Tess                    67.27

                             2nd    Susan Gahan                           Rowena              66.38

3rd     Emily Pembelton                   UnderMYSpell   63.18

First Level 2        1st     Cricket Clark                           Ronan Vt            64.06

                             2nd     Hannah Hill                            Cole Pepper      59.84

4th Level 1           1st     Darla Topley                           Fleury                 55.54

FEI PSG                1st     Jennifer Hockett                    Nicholas             64.47


Save the dates!!!! Oakdale Equestrian Center has Teamed up with Penny & Brian Ross to have the farm's first two horse trials on Sunday March 15th & Sunday Oct 4th, 2015. There will be an open xcountry schooling day on Sat March 14th & Sat Oct 3rd. We are doing the schooling days to help riders new to eventing make their first event a success.

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Owner/Manager: Terry Adcock

Oakdale Farm, Powhatan, Virginia
Call: 1-804-375-3007 or Email: Dadcock186@aol.com

Oakdale Farm
5719 Cartersville Road
Powhatan, Virginia 23139

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Current Events

Oakdale Equestrian Center had a great showing this weekend at Plain Dealing Horse Trial with Lisa Smith on Stella winning advanced green, Emily Schlake and Eclipse in her first training placing 2nd. Terry Adcock 4th and Nancy Grey 5th in large Novice class and Emily Schlake 6th in Beginner Novice on Elegant Storm.

Oakdale horses schooling xcountry at Wingreen getting ready for Virginia Horse Trials.

Deep Run Horse Trial was on Sat and CDCTA Recognized horse trial was on Sunday. 
Hannah Hill was the star of the weekend taking home 1st place in Training with a 32 in dressage!!!!
Goldie & I had a 28.2 in dressage and 4 points in stadium to finish on 32.2 and 2nd in BN
Maggie won her division of BN on Bailey and a large trophy for best Junior score of the day.
Judy started the season off with 2nd place in Intro. 
Lindsey Eck and Liam did their first training and finished in 6th.  Liam the xcountry machine motored
    around xcountry clean.
Nancy Grey & Teak continued their winning ways finishing in 2nd on their dressage score of 27.
I think the team overall liked red this weekend and did great!!!!!



Calais Results Spring 2015

Intro  - First for Addie Johnson on Level Green horse who is getting Pocket Rocket here ready to show
Beginner Novice Div A - Lisande Champeau on Baxter - 1st
Beginner Novice Div B   Terry Adcock on Irish Belle at her first horse trial - 1st
Novice - Lindsey Eck on Laim - 2nd
              Maggie Proffit on Bailey - 3rd
Calais Mary Grace Memorial Trophy for best score at the event by an amateur rider over 40 was one by Terry Adcock and Irish Belle!
Judy Lancaster's help was greatly appreciated.   Especially the dressage videos!!!
Also Gretel Mangigian and Rascal competed at Stonewall Hunter Pace - 1st Place



Oakdale hunts 2-3 times a week with Deep Run.  Hunting boarders trailer with farm a lot of time. Makes hunting very easy and less time consuming.  This is Declan and I and Emily and Liam on Thanksgiving hunt 2014.   Both boys look rather fancy!!!!









Grover Taylor coming in from a wonderful joint meet with Deep Run & Bull Run Hunts

Oakdale Team Shines at Virginia Starter Horse Trials Aug 2014

So Proud!!!!
Lindsey & Liam won novice with 17 horses in the class on their dressage score of 32.2.   Double clear stadium and xcountry.
Hannah Hill won Preliminary Combined test on Jimmy at their first go of Preliminary with a clear run xcountry.  Hannah also rode Flirt to a 6th place in Training Horse Trial.  I know from experience how hard it is to ride two in one day.
Two other riders that take regular jumping lessons here on Wednesdays with Mark Combs also won.   Addie won Intro Horse Trial  on Soldier and Maggie won the Beginner novice Horse trial. 
We send Emily and Eclipse off to college after a great Sat xcountry school.
Grover Taylor and Judy Lancaster were the support team.   Couldn't have done it without them.


New Full size Rubber footed Dressage Ring - Your horse will just float.

New Jumps Already for 2014- Theme is Accuracy!!!!
They can be ridden separately or easily as a two stride combination if you are accurate.  Not so easy if you are not!!!!      More to come - Dylan Felts is Oakdale's new jump builder and Mark Combs is our technical advisor.

Always improving at Oakdale equestrian center. New 600 meter Pace/galloping track marked every100 meters with soft shavings footing.

New Training Course of Jumps at Oakdale! Just in Time for Allison Springer Clinic on Oct 13th & Oct 14th!

New Full Size Wellington Dressage Ring was installed today by Grover. What a gorgeous addition to the farm. Oakdale Tack will be handling the sales of these rings and vinyl jumps.

Event Horse thru Novice available for lease at Oakdale Farm. Beginner novice and novice year end Champion. Always in top ribbons and took students up levels. Hunts 1st or 2nd flight and perfect trail horse in front or rear. 15.2 hands. Current lease up Aug 1st. Email for more information.

Oakdale's New Jump Trail is Complete and Ready to Ride - 20 jumps at Intro and Beginner Novice on over a mile track thru the Woods.

A - Start of Jump Trail

Jump 1 - Shoulders Back Downhill

Jumps 2 & 3 - Two Stride Tire In & Out

Jumps 4 & 5 - One Stride Log In & Out

Jump 6 - Chris Cross

Jump 7 - Tiger Trap

Jump 8 - Berkeley's Bench

Jump 8 (rear) - Coup

Jump 9 - Leah's Log Pile

Jump 10 - Terry's Surprise

Jump 11 - Sit Back Log

Jump 12 - Water Jump Wantabe Creek

Jump 13 to Jump 14 - Galloping Section

Jump 13 to Jump 14 - Turn For Home

Jump 13 - Uphill Log

Jump 14 - Plastics Beware

Jumps 15 & 16 - Dippity Doo

Jump 17 - Trachner Want-A-Be

Jump 18 - Gauntlet Start

Jump 19 - Gauntlett Tires 1

Jump 20 - Gauntlett Tires 2

Yea - You Have Successfully Completed Jump Trail
Oakdale Eventing Team is proud of our 2011 sponsors!

 We are practicing hard and getting ready for the season. We are going to make our sponsors proud.


The New Water Complex is now open!!
Emily Schlake and Seamus in new water jump complex.

NEW: Cross Country Complex Available for Rent
$25 per horse per day 200

    Baby, Intro & Novice Fences
    New Bank Complex
New Water Complex
    Beginner Banks & Ditches
    Stadium Course
    Dressage Ring
    All Rings Graded Weekly
    Indoor with Mirrors for Bad Weather


Training & Clinics

Directions to Oakdale

From Chesterfield: West on Rt. 60 (Midlothian Turnpike). Go past Maidens Road intersection & turn right at first right on Bell Road. Go to stop sign & turn left on Cartersville Road. Farm is 4 miles on left.

From Goochland: Cross James River on Rt. 522 (Maidens Road). Just past gas station at Huguenot Trail turn on Cosby Road. Cosby changes names to Cartersville Road at 4 miles. Go 4 more miles & farm is on left.

Oakdale Farm Powhatan, Virginia
Owner/Manager: Terry Adcock
For more information call

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    Established 1999. Registered 2000.
                 Recognized 2003.

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